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Official Results

September 6, 2003

updated 9/8/03
Place Driver Club Navigator Club Passengers Score
Master Expert
1 John Fabela TRC Bill Jonesi TRC 960
2 Brian Mattal Andy Lerner TRC 930
3 Steve Beuerman BOAC Bob Schott 920
1 Darin McGrew TRC Michelle McGrew TRC Woof! 880
2 Sue Kelso TRC Alan Bell TRC 850
3 Rochelle Bess TRC Don Bess TRC 800
1 Andy Combs TRC Peter Combs TRC 890
2 Bob Cunningham TRC Christy Cunningham 840
3 Brian McMillan Chris McMillan Brad Debatista 830
4 Nick Stefanisko TRC Teresa Stefanisko TRC Zakry 810
5 C. Wendt TRC Ric Goldman TRC 810
6 Jerry Sotirhos TRC Marilyn Sotirhos TRC Daniel, Corinne Pickett 810
1 Brian Underwood TRC Adam Riggs TRC Beth Riggs 880
2 Lorraine Kobyluk Casey Kobyluk TRC Alex, Christine 810
3 Neal Kinney Gary Watson TRC Camrya Skypoodle 810
4 Trevor Graham Kim Graham 800
5 Jenny Stave Wayne Stilwell 800
6 Mike Davis TRC Heidi Davis TRC Kyle, Michaela 800
7 Rolf Klibo Dean Stanton 780
8 Michael Mueller Mark Racicot TRC 780
1 Doug Wade Elisabeth Wade 810
2 David Thistlethwaite TRC Carol Thistlethwaite 760
3 Tim Carman Barbara Carman 730
4 Stephanie Carlson Freya Carlson 700
5 Gayle Carlson Eric Carlson Jason Towner 690
First Timer
1 Karen Vahtra Marsha Jacobs 790
2 Andrew Haws Michelle Alvarez 730
3 Scott Johnson Dana Johnson 690
4 Keith Anderson Cory Anderson Amira Sulaiman 650

Award winner

Award and NCSCC Xmas tree winner

Summary of granted protests:

  • Two cars read the SI at the beginning of the rallye as instructing to turn after Rainbow Drive onto the next street instead of the intended after Rainbow Drive sign onto Rainbow. Requested credit was given.
  • One car thought that the street identification at RI 24 (Johnson) wasn't clear. Requested credit was given.
  • There was an error in RI 13, where the instruction should have said Rainbo instead of Rainbow. A correcting sign was posted, but at least one car either got there before the new sign was put up or didn't see it and drove all the way up and back Alderbrook and got the other answer for RI 13 to work. Requested credit was given.

Special thanks to the following:

  • Nick and Teresa Stefanisko for the artwork, participation plaques, award pins, and working registration.
  • Steve Watt, Nancy Hanna, Mark Robichek, Abby Grossman, and Glen Dayton for pre-checking.
  • Mark Robichek, Abby Grossman, and Glen Dayton for working the checkpoint and helping with scoring.
  • Mark Robicheck, Bob Schott, and Darin McGrew for sorting out the protests.
  • Cris Wendt for dragging me out of retirement (kicking and screaming).
  • Everyone who ran the rallye!

As always, check www.therallyeclub.org for upcoming events.

-- Dave Graubart


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